What is lip blushing? 

Lip blushing is a type of cosmetic tattooing that enhances lip colour by depositing coloured ink into the lips with a mechanical needle. The resulting lip tattoo is subtle, not saturated, thanks to recent advances in semi-permanent makeup. It helps to even out skin tone, shape and can provide a lip stick look or natural look, the process can take between 1 and 3 hours. 

The perks of lip blushing include: 

• Long-lasting lip colour 

• Increased pigmentation for pale and aging lips 

• The ability to customise your lip shade 

• Fuller-looking lips without need for injectables or surgery 

• Enhanced lip symmetry 

• Colour correction for scars and uneven pigmentation

A skin test is required 24-48 prior to the procedure. I will also ask you to fill out a medical form to ensure this treatment can be performed safely.

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* If you are prone to cold sores, lip tattooing can cause outbreaks, which can result in loss of pigment. I ask that my clients take their prescribed anti-viral medication starting 48 hours prior to their appointment and after the procedure to prevent outbreak. You can still have lip blush done - I would just like to ensure you get the best results possible. Consult with your doctor for any additional questions. 

* If you have an outbreak, or any other sore on the lips prior to the appointment please reschedule your appointment as soon as possible. 

* Note - taking antiviral medication may not completely exclude a possible outbreak.

* Please keep your lips as hydrated as possible before the treatment, it would be beneficial to exfoliate the lips a few days prior to create the perfect base for lip blush. It is essential to hydrate the lips post treatment - the ointment will be provided. 


Aftercare is crucial in ensuring you have the best results. These will be discussed in depth during and after your appointment and will also be sent to you prior so you can time your appointment perfectly. 

You will be given an aftercare pack along with a printed aftercare sheet.


In order to keep your permanent cosmetic work in perfect condition it may be necessary to have a maintenance procedure about every 9 to 18 months, though this will vary for each individual. The cost of these procedures vary depending on the time since last treatment.  Please see current price list for details.

 To avoid pigment fade for as long as possible, avoid excessive exposure to the sun or UV rays and use a good sunscreen with an SPF50.    

If you are planning an MRI scan, chemical peel or any other similar procedures, please inform your practitioner that you have had permanent cosmetics. 

 You should not be eligible to give blood for 6 months after your procedure, please inform the National Blood Service of your procedure and date if you want to give blood.  

If you are planning injections such as Botox and Collagen remember it can alter the shape of your eyebrows.  

Laser hair removal can fade and change the shade of your semi-permanent make up, always advice the laser technician you are wearing permanent cosmetics and they can act accordingly.

Please note that antiviral medication is highly recommended for lip blush. 

Lips are especially sensitive. The skin of the lip is very thin compared to the typical face skin. Blood vessels appear through the skin of the lips which leads to their notable red colouring. Since lips are very vascular and because of a high number of nerve endings any trauma around the mouth area may cause an occurrence of cold sores.

If you have lip fillers you may experience slightly more swelling than others and must allow 4 weeks in between lip injections and lip blush.

All treatments can be mildly uncomfortable, with a sensation similar to that of threading or tweezing. Numbing cream will be used to keep the procedure as comfortable as possible. Treatments are performed using disposable sterile tools, and high standard pigments.

Semi Permanent Make Up is a two phase treatment, meaning the top up is very important. Every one will retain pigment differently depending on skin type and lifestyles. For example pigment will last a shorter amount of time with oily skin and if exposed to sun and sweat. Correction can also be done at the touch up appointment if amendments need to be made with shape and colour.  

This touch up will be £40 and will need to be booked within 4-6 weeks of the initial treatment date. Any additional touch ups will also be an additional cost.