Behind the business name is me 🫶🏼 a human being/mum of two. 

This industry is a risky and scary place, so why did I choose it? In 2014 I was diagnosed with alopecia, I was in the darkest most crippling place mentally and physically my body couldn’t cope anymore and took my hair. 
Fast forward - I joined groups on fb to help with the acceptance and guidance to try live with alopecia. I kept hearing about this “Microblading” which appeared to be so life changing to those who had lost all facial hair, I.e eyebrows and eyelashes, so I researched..I wanted to make people feel how I heard they felt when given eyebrows again.

I’d like to think I’ve always been a creative, artistic person (with a passion for fleeky brows 👀😂) so I thought I’d take a risk and dived into it head first - anxiety through the roof and all 😬. I had every intention of delivering these treatments free to all that needed it. Unfortunately this was before I had a reality check of how much starting and continuing a business in semi permanent make up costs (trust me it’s a lot 😩). 

So annoyingly to keep a roof over our heads and food in my kids belly’s I had to charge the minimum required to pay for the stock, training, insurance, licence and some wage. My dream would to be at a stage in life where I could go back to my intention with this and offer free treatments to those who have suffered hair loss due to medical reasons. 

I keep my prices as low as possible no matter the quality of my work and the amount of experience I have. So I am affordable to those in need. I will never choose greed over reward and will always remember what brought me to this industry. I do everything in my power to ensure I make all my clients have the best experience with me and leave feeling bloody amazing. Because each and every one of you deserve it so so much. 

There is a whole heap of risk with being in the beauty industry especially semi permanent make up and recently I questioned if it was worth it. Thankfully my clients are constantly reassuring me it is - and I will continue to deliver for as long as I possibly can, and hopefully eventually fulfil my dream ❤️

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